Every patient should be screened.

We’re on a mission to improve mental health for everyone. Agno Health enables medical practices and health plans to offer behavioral health services to their patients without delay or disruption of everyday workflows.

We're in a mental health crisis

and our current systems are failing.

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Adults who look to PCPs for help
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Never follow through on referrals
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Do not get treatment
Every 0 minutes in the U.S.
someone commits suicide.

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A simple solution that won’t interrupt workflows.

Agno Health supports its medical partners with a full-service, technology-enabled clinical and administrative team to implement and manage a turn-key Behavioral Health Collaborative Care Program. We understand that identifying and treating mental health needs is urgent: the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends screening all adults under 65 years of age for anxiety and depression and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screening all children age 12 and above for depression, anxiety, and suicide risk. Medical Providers need a plug-and-play solution to embed behavioral health services into their scope of practice. 

Agno Health, in addition to improving patient outcomes, will:

  • Allow you to expand your scope of practice
  • Support fee-for-service and value based payment models

Our Services

Behavioral Health Collaborative Care is an untapped powerhouse.

Nearly 100 randomized, controlled trials have shown that the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) is more effective than usual care for patients with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health conditions. A deep body of scientific research demonstrates that collaborative care interventions increase the quality of patient care, improve population health and reduce health care costs.

Using the evidence-based principles of CoCM, Agno Health helps medical practices expand their scope of practice to include behavioral health care. Practices that partner with Agno Health to embed behavioral health into their medical services can achieve better patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and higher patient satisfaction.

Immediate Access

By leveraging Agno Health’s experienced behavioral healthcare team, medical practices are able to give their patients immediate access to a dedicated pool of best-in-class licensed clinicians committed to the patient-clinician relationship.

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Optimal Engagement

Agno Health’s Behavioral Health CoCM program is both endorsed and helmed by the patient’s trusted health partner: the medical provider. This ensures optimal patient engagement and compliance with treatment.

Validated Results

Agno Health’s CoCM program utilizes brief, evidence-based treatments to elevate patients from illness to wellness, including relapse prevention as bulwark against recurrence.

The patient’s journey to mental wellness

We put the medical provider at the helm of the patient’s care.

Agno Health’s Behavioral Health CoCM Program gives medical providers the ability to treat the whole person, addressing both physical and mental health needs in one place. As an Agno Health partner, medical providers are able to offer patients immediate access to evidence-based behavioral health treatment with proven efficacy for decreasing symptoms of behavioral disorders and improving health outcomes.

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